K.D. Wilson


As an author, human rights activist, and United States Navy Veteran, K.D. Wilson is quickly becoming a prominent new voice in pop culture and a star in the LGBT community.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Wilson is a United States Navy Veteran with a total of nine years serving his country and traveling the world where he was stationed in Italy, Japan, and Iraq, working in armed forces aircraft maintenance.

Upon leaving the Navy in 2009, Wilson returned to Dallas and received an associate’s degree in liberal arts at Cedar Valley community college before attending Southern Methodist University. In 2011, the aspiring writer penned his first book, The Slurpee Chronicles: Giving You The Tea, a raw and courageous tale that explores a rarely discussed side of growing up gay in the United States. A story of acceptance, love, and the struggles of living in a poverty-stricken community, The Slurpee Chronicles was published on April 1, 2012.

As Wilson’s first book continues to gain fans around the globe, the young author continues to draw inspiration from other luminaries in the genre of urban gay fiction, such as E. Lynn Harris and Larry Duplechan, hoping to follow in the footsteps of fictional fantasy and allure.

In his spare time, K.D. loves to read, play with his dog, or work on the next installment of The Slurpee Chronicles series.

K.D. Wilson resides in Dallas, Texas.

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